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Emmanuel Christian School has been educating children from Kindergarten to12th grade since 1976.  Although our student body is small, we have touched the lives of many students and their families. 


Using the Accelerated Christian Education program, our students learn at their own pace and develop a thorough understanding of every step of each subject before going on to the next step.  This ensures a total understanding of the processes being taught.  Graduates of ECS who chose to go to college had no
difficulty enrolling and excelled in their studies. Our school is not accredited by the state or federal government.  Because we are independently accredited, we are able to teach a Christian curriculum, including a Biblical perspective, at every grade level.  A government sponsored, politically correct curriculum is dictated to the public schools, and that curriculum is frequently contrary to Biblical principles. 


Our educational goal at ECS is not only to instill the education necessary for our students to thrive in this modern world, but to also help each student develop a godly outlook and biblical moral standards which will guide them throughout their lives.

For more information about Emmanuel Christian School, call 830-519-4086.

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